Dual booting Win2k and Linux

1. Install Windows first. Leave room for Linux or put it on another drive (/dev/hdb)

2. Install Linux using expert mode.

3. When you install you Linux boot loader, choose LILO, NOT grub. DO NOT select MBR. Choose the first sector of your root partition. This will be /dev/hda2 if on the same hard drive or /dev/hdb1 if on another drive.
The boot= directive in /etc/lilo.conf tells Lilo where it should place its primary boot loader. In general, you can either specify the master boot record (/dev/hda) or the root partition of your Linux installation (is usually is /dev/hda1 or /dev/hda2).

If you have another operating system installed in your hard drive, you'd better install Lilo to the root partition instead of the MBR. In this case, you must mark the partition as ``bootable'' using the ``a'' command of fdisk or the ``b'' command of cfdisk. If you don't overwrite the master boot sector you'll find it easier to uninstall Linux and Lilo if needed.

4. Make the boot floppy, during the Linux installation (VERY IMPORTANT)

5. When Linux is installed, reboot booting off the floppy you created.

6. With Linux up, insert a FRESHLY formatted floppy and mount it with mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy or where ever you mount your floppy.

7. Enter on the command line dd if=/dev/hdb1 of=/mnt/floppy/bootsect.lin bs=1 count=512 /devhdb1 will vary on where you root partition is. Unmount floppy and reboot.

8. W2k will come up normally. Copy the bootsect.lin file you just created to c:\.

9. Open up Windows explorer and set it to show all files. Go to the c:\ and find the file (it's a hidden file) boot.ini. Edit the boot.ini file, and at the bottom of the file C:\bootsect.lin=linux. Don't forget the quotes around Linux!!

10. You're done! A little note the win2k boot loader will put you into LILO so you'll select Linux on the w2k boot loader and the Linux again in LILO

Although here it's emphatized the DO NOT INSTALL ON THE MBR, you can install it on the MBR BUT you will have to use the Linux Loader to get into Windows and not the Windows Loader.